Tsunami Hits Home

directed by
Tony Spataro



Man over looks a playground while sitting by the tree side.
  Kids amuse themselves while man over sees them.
  Girl climbs the monkey bars, unaware of her surroundings.
  Man continues to daydream.
  Average family lounging around.
  News runs on the television while girl does her nails.
  Boys playing a game on their mobile phones.
  Father watches TV, boys not interested with current crisis's taking place in the world.
  The topic of tsunamis pop up on screen. Father takes an interest.
  Father tells daughter she should be watching this...
  Boys still occupied with their gadget.
Father tells boys they should watch and educate themselves from the force of this type of wave.
  Boys ignore father, and tell him, "call us when there's a 100 footer on TV."
  The wave on TV fills the screen as it approches.
  Wave approaches alarmingly close.
  Father is stunned by the force of destruction it can cause.
Unbelievably, the water bursts through the TV set and into their reality.
  Father instinctively protects himself by raising of his hands.
Water storms into the living room, the family scream in horror for their lives.
The picture fades quickly to black, the sound of survival lingers in the background.
  Title of the movie appears. Sound fades away while sad music fades in.
  Man is woken by his tragic ending to his daydream.
  He realizes he's back at the park.
  All is normal at the playground.
  Boy bounces on the toy car.
  The man still watches but with a serious face.
  Kids still play.
  Girl enjoys the monkey bars.
  Scene symbolizes the beauty of life
  Closing shot. Fades away.

Sunrise over the sea of South Asia.

Phuket Thailand, people enjoy the tropical paradise morning.
  Babes checking out the walk-by'ers.
Early risers aboard their fishing boat at work.

An observer looks through binoculars. Business as usual at the local port.

  Someone watches through binoculars.
  Boats rock unusually at the dock.
  Business as usual at a near by resort.


  Kids enjoying their morning smim.
  Vacationers arrive on the early flights at the island airport.
  Business as usual in the village at a local market.
  CU of a zooming scooter tire.
  Girl on scooter, on her normal routine to shop for her family.
  Water Receding.
  Villager shows he has some insight to what's soon to happen to the local people.
  Man of the family in the notices the strange sea.
  Man on beach shows points out the water receding.
  Girl in scooter sees the strange water.
  Wave seen on top of the horizon.
  The same man screams for his kids.
  Girl in scooter races across the only road out of the lower area. Wave nearing..
  A Woman finally sees the wave herself.
  Man drives his car recklessly to the escape the approaching wave.
  Father runs to get his kids who are still unaware of the swelling water.
  In Panic, the man of the family unfortunately guns the gas pedal and causes the wheel to spin uncontrollably in the mud.
  Another man from a nearby beach runs from shore after seeing the receding water.
  Man tries tries to out run the wave.
  Other kids who were playing in the sand run for their lives.

Water puddles slowdown escape.


Wave hits the dock.


Wave smashes everything in sight.


Wave has taken over the man, he is washed away...

  Father swim for his kids.
  One of the kids gets pulled in from the overwhelming rip current.
  Surfer attempts to stay alive by riding the wave.
  Kid is sucked in by the curl of the wave.
  Father freaks out as he feels helpless, realizing he is in danger himself.


Wave over takes surfer. He is left stranded in the water separated from his board.
  Car quickly sinks fast in the newly flood area.
  Family trapped in air pocket trying to escape.


Surfer manages to grab hold of the shoreline rocks.



A nearby  fisherman helps a survivor.

  Dead body floats by.
  Man shouts to be rescued.


Boat washed on shore..




Tons of left debris obstructs everything.




Help arrives.


  Man step out of the transport.

Relief Workers gather.


Satellite View of shorline