...a true life story




a feature film for Cinema Release


  all camera gear provided by






   Tony Spataro



   Even Birkedal

        This story takes you back to the tsunami and shows how everyday life evolved prior to the event, and on to the aftermath. It reveals the results and misfortunes of unprepared ness, and shows how the tsunami unfolded new consequences one would think unimaginable.
          There are six characters. Two of them are Norwegian, one is American, one Italian, and the other is Indonesian. These five characters cast out in separate journeys, each on their own mission, each exposing the real truths and scenarios taking place at present time, showing the relief efforts for some of the survivors, telling their horror stories, revealing the odd conditions faced by them, but of course having the consideration and respect for the victims. They come with new ideas and real support in dealing with the new way of life. We follow their progress and discoveries. Rangers from the outside world as some would call them. We track the relief efforts provided by the Norwegian Red Cross and the support they give in aiding our rangers. They will be catching rides on the ships and trucks of the Norwegian and American Military to the remote places where the most help is needed. The sights will be pretty, as the tropics would be, but there is also an ugliness that surrounds the region at the same time. Nevertheless, this is reality. Our rangers will expose the real facts to the outside world, whether it be good or bad. No pretty picture painting here, only the hard truth.
          The purpose of this movie is to bring new awareness to those who don't quite understand the essence of the tsunami nor truly grasp the total reality of it hitting home. The characters will show their true emotions as we follow the development of those emotions. Hence, revealing them to the viewers of this film as it enhances special attention to this subject. This newfound awareness can and will spark that humanitarian willingness buried deep in all of us, in hopes it will turn into real help rather than it remaining as only will itself.